Mekong – ROK Cooperation Fund

Supporting Catalytic and Innovative Activities in Six Priority Sectors

Following the launch of the Mekong-ROK partnership in 2011, the Mekong–ROK Cooperation Fund (MKCF) was established in 2013 to encourage and support cooperation in six priority areas outlined in the Han River Declaration of 2011. It was agreed among 5 Mekong countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand) and the ROK that the MKCF will be financed through an annual contribution from the ROK to the Mekong Institute (MI) and will be managed by MI in accordance with the Terms of Reference adopted at the 3rd Mekong ROK Foreign Ministers meeting in 2013. In addition, at the 5th Mekong-ROK Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 2015, the Ministers recognized the need for a more efficient management of the MKCF and agreed to task the Mekong Institute to act as the Coordinator in collecting and circulating project proposals, disbursing funds, helping Senior Officials review and monitor the projects. In this regard, the Ministers endorsed the Concept Paper on the Revised Operation Method of the Mekong-ROK Cooperation Fund and adopted the Revised Operation Method of the Mekong-ROK Cooperation Fund as Annex to the Mekong-ROK Cooperation Fund Terms of Reference.


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