2nd MKCF Call

Title of the project

Green Freight and Logistics Development in the Mekong Region

Project Implementation AgencyMekong Institute
Duration of the Project3 years 
Objectives of the project

To increase the transport sector’s contribution to economic development and help reduce carbon footprint in the Mekong region

(Expected) Outcomes/OutputsOutcomes:
  1. Improved logistics services through the adoption of  sustainable environmental practices
  2. Enhanced capacities of national ministries and logistics associations on green freight standards and certification
  3. Improved information access on green freight technologies
  4. Improved mechanism to share and promote collective action on green freight and logistics development in the Mekong region


  1. Development of Green Logistics Service Quality Standards (Green Mark)
  2. Capacity building of logistics service providers 
BeneficiaryCambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand
Contact Person

Mr. Sa-nga Sattanun

Tel: +66 (0) 43 202 411-2, 204 041-2 ext. 2102
Title of the projectMaster Plan Establishment and Capacity Building for the Modernization and Advancement of Hydro-meteorological Infrastructure at Mekong River Basin in Lao PDR
Project Implementation AgencyDepartment of Meteorology and Hydrology,
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Duration of the Project11 months
Objectives of the project

To contribute to the modernization and advancement of national hydro-meteorological services of Lao PDR

(Expected) Outcomes/OutputsOutcomes: 
  1. Strengthened capacities in disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management
  2. Link Master Plan to the development of modernization projects
  1. Establishment of Master Plan on the modernization and advancement of national hydro-meteorological services
  2. Capacity building through training delivery 
BeneficiaryLao PDR
Contact Person

Mr. Viengxai Manivong

Tel: 856 21 215 010

Title of the projectCapacity Enhancement of Wind Energy for Sustainable Rural Development in Myanmar 
Project Implementation AgencyDepartment of Mechanical Engineering,
Yangon Technological University
Duration of the Project2 years
Objectives of the project

To provide electricity and lighting and alternative energy technology to the rural population of Myanmar 

(Expected) Outcomes/OutputsOutcomes: 
  1. Improved wind energy resource and  current production status in 14 states and regions of Myanmar
  2. Improved capacity on implementing wind turbine technology
  3. Improved knowledge of wind energy issues and challenges in Myanmar and Vietnam 


  1. Formation of project and technical working groups, curriculum and wind energy map
  2. Design of horizontal axis wind turbine, wind turbine setup for the training, output power and efficiency, computer program and guidelines, equipment and tools main - YTU and international consultant
  3. Knowledge and skill on wind energy and wind turbines, practical skills to manufacture and test wind turbines
BeneficiaryMyanmar and Vietnam
Contact Person

Dr. Thein Min Htike

Tel: 951 642 402

Title of the projectEnhancing the Capacity of E-commerce Application in Agriculture in the Mekong Region
Project Implementation AgencyVietnam Agency of E-commerce and Information Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade
Duration of the Project1 year
Objectives of the project

To identify the barriers to the use of agricultural e-commerce in the region and improve the knowledge of government officials and MSMEs on agricultural e-commerce

(Expected) Outcomes/OutputsOutcomes: 
  1. Increased knowledge to inform national strategies
  2. Enhanced support for MSMEs in applying e-commerce in agricultural business activities
  3. Improved promotion of agricultural goods from Mekong countries in South Korea
  1. Report on the readiness of ICT and legal infrastructure of Mekong countries for e-commerce and platforms of e-commerce in agriculture
  2. Promotion of selected agricultural products from Mekong countries in popular Korean e-commerce platforms
Contact Person

Ms. Bui Thi Thanh Hang

Tel: 84 3 2220 5486

Title of the projectPromoting Safe Migration for Temporary Migrants to Thailand
Project Implementation AgencyInstitute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University
Duration of the Project1 year
Objectives of the project

To promote safe migration between the sending and receiving countries and contribute to sustainable economic development in the Mekong countries

(Expected) Outcomes/OutputsOutcomes: 
  1. Developed and endorsed recommendations for government migration policy
  2. Increased awareness and skills among migrants & migrant families on their rights and the process of regular migration
  3. Enhanced effectiveness of partner organizations to support and empower migrants
  1. Strategies for addressing migrants' vulnerabilities and priorities
  2. Support for migrants and migrant families
  3. Strategies for formalizing brokers
  4. Strategies for promoting documented workforce
  5. Review of current legal framework and practice
BeneficiaryThailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao PDR
Contact Person

Dr. Teeranong Sakulsri

Tel: +66 (0) 922594623