Cambodia Trade Support

Trade Related Curriculum Development and Trainings of Trainers

Mekong Institute (MI) has been contracted by the Trade Development Support Program of Department of International Cooperation (DICO) in the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce (MoC) to develop training curriculum and provide trade related training to the MoC/ Trade Training and Research Institute (TTRI). The project is sponsored by the World Bank.

The overarching objective of the project is to develop the trainer’s and trainees’ guides and manuals, and to train a core group of MoC officials as future trainers. Specifically, the project aims at: 1).assisting TTRI in fine-tuning the existing training need assessment available in MoC and turning the needs into the training areas; 2).developing and producing training curriculum on a selection of key training areas by using a systematic material-dependent approach; 3).delivering the training modules based on the curriculum developed while supporting TTRI to manage officials and facilitate their learning through the training cycle; and 4). examining the capacity development organizational structure and management of MoC  to recommend the ways to run the training sector of TTRI in a professional and efficient way.

The project is designed and built on the MI’s successful experience on implementation and management of regional projects and programs on trade and investment facilitation. It is in alignment with the specific requirements of MoC/TTRI and as per the objectives of the MoC Capacity Development Plan.

Project Components:

  • Inception Report – commission of the project, work plan, financial situation and project implementation monitoring that is timely submitted to the Cambodian MoC in December 2015
  • Curriculum Development – 16 topics under the four tracks including SME Development; Trade Promotion and Trade Competitiveness; International Trade Law, WTO Law and Business Law; and Trade Facilitation, Standards and Norms are elaborated for the training package development. The entire curriculum is translated into Khmer. Duration is from  December 2015 –May 2016, with one month per track of training curriculum development and one month per track translation;
  • Training of Trainers (ToTs) in Cambodia – four ToTs specialized in four tracks are conducted for the group of core MoC officials to introduce the utilization of the training curriculum, and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills for the future capacity building activities. Duration is from February to May 2016, with one-week ToT each track in February, March, April and May respectively; and
  • Final Report - Review of the project implementation, deliverables, experience recommendation and lessons learnt that is submitted in June 2016.