Mekong Institute-Food Safety Project (MI-FSP)

Fostering Food Safety in the GMS

MI, in partnership with the New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAP), has the opportunity to become the pre-eminent provider of high level food safety training services in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam (CLMV) countries and the wider GMS. Using New Zealand safe food expertise, the MI will provide training and support services for CLMV government agricultural and food safety officials who have responsibilities for preparing and implementing food safety rules. The training will develop these officials’ safe food knowledge and expertise to enable them to prepare and implement appropriate food safety regulations and standards for select value chains and market outlets, both in-country and outside.

New Zealand is internationally recognized for its safe food expertise and the proposed MI Food Safety Capacity Activity (MIFSCA) provides further opportunity to showcase New Zealand’s high-quality safe food expertise. The MIFSCA is also significant for the MI to establish its CLMV, and wider GMS food safety training credentials and to attract donor clients seeking food safety training service providers.

The MIFSCA will pilot a new way of working for MI training delivery by modelling best practise food safety training. The MIFSCA will develop and test a pilot of new food safety training based on select value chains/markets for CLMV countries, a re-defined trainee selection criteria, and strengthened post-course outreach, supported by new reporting and monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

The draft budget has shaped the interventions into 8 5-day MI-based courses, with a detailed costed work plan. The most appropriate shape for the MIFSCA will be finalized by the Food Safety Technical Assistance (TA) and MI Project Manager (MPM) in consultation with Bangkok Post, following the in-country needs assessment and recommendation report. The budget will then be recast if any change is required.

Opportunities will be considered for the MIFSCA to support other MFAT IDG activities operating in the region such as the ASEAN Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Safe Vegetables.