In-Country Training Program on Good Hygiene Practices in Restaurant and Canteen

Mekong Institute invited 20 Cambodian food service operators from restaurant and catering businesses who are interested in developing a food safety management system in their restaurant and catering businesses to attend the in-county training program on “Good Hygiene Practices in Restaurant and Canteen” from February 3 to 5, 2021 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The training will cover three days of sessions, with MI facilitators supervising via online channels . Materials such as reference documents, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, exams, among others, will be provided. A field visit will also be arranged to expose participants to best food safety management practices. MI will also conduct pre- and post-assessment of participants’ skills and knowledge through online survey methods.

Training Background

Supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme, the training aims to provide food service operators with the knowledge, assistance, and guidance on conformance and compliance with food safety and hygiene requirements. It will also assist food handlers in the food service and catering premises to better understand their responsibilities with regards to handling and producing food that is safe for consumers. This includes guidance on relevant legislation, how to control food safety hazards, temperature control, food storage, food preparation, pest control, personal hygiene, and cleaning and sanitation of food premises.

Target Participants

The training is catered to 20 Cambodia food service operators, who are interested in developing a food safety management system in their restaurant and catering businesses.

Contact Information

For more information about the training, please contact Mr. Thorng Ra, Program Coordinator, at or +66 (0) 43 202 411, extension 3103.

For more information on the training and requirements, please see the Curriculum Statement Design.