A Visit to MI by a French university 13 Feb 09

February 19, 2009

On 13 February 2009, Five masters degree students from French university Sciences Po visited MI to discuss about enhanced regional cooperation in research and development projects. The group was led by Professor Dr.Francois Bafoil, Senior Research Fellow from the Paris-based Centre for International Studies and Research, and accompanied by the ADBs Rattanatay Luanglatbandith.

Welcomed by the MI Director, Dr Suchat Katima, and Ms Pornwilai Pumira, MI Executive Assistant and Marketing Officer, the students were given presentations on MI background and activities in the GMS, including its core program and research areas.

The students were particularly interested in exploring various GMS research areas including labor migration, trans-boundary politics, tourism, trade, rural development, environmental impacts, good governance, academic activities and infrastructure development. Mr. Bafoil noted that they were also interested in what ways the EU can cooperate with the GMS in these areas.

To make this visit helpful and inspiring for the students, MI assisted by providing the students with an open discussion on GMS development issues and the cooperation between the EU and GMS countries. They were able to take home with them some of MI research data and related MI research papers, which can be useful to their studies.



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