Managing Public Sector Reform 19 Oct to 13 Nov 2009

October 25, 2009

Mekong Institute has launched the learning program on Managing Public Sector Reform" to develop capacity of the middle-level officials from the six GMS countries to adapt or change and who are proficiently equipped to act effectively as change agents for successful public sector reforms in the GMS.

Ms. Siriluk Phuengphian, Human Resource Manager (officer-in-charge) of Mekong Institute, welcomed the participants to the course. In her opening speech, Ms. Phuengphian noted that the reform is inevitable and the countries in the subregion have undergone intensive reform in both governing structure and service delivery systems.

She further stressed to take part in the regional training program as an opportunity sharing the views, lessons learned, and best practices to enhance participants knowledge and allow them to replicate and/or adjust to their contexts upon return to their home countries. The program is sponsored by New Zealands International Aid and Development Agency (NZAID) and Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA). This course with eighteen participants from five GMS countries is organized at MI residential training center from 19 Oct to 13 Nov 2009.







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