"Rhino Skin and Mother Teresa's Heart" Training on Facilitation Skills for YGMS, 14-18 Jun 2010)

June 16, 2010

"Skin like a rhino, eyes in the back of the head, a heart like Mother Teresa's, the wisdom of Soloman, and the intellect of Einstein and extra sensory perception" (Kiser 17)

As human resources development has become more sophisticated in the last decade, facilitation is emerging as an important aspect of enhancing individual and organization's capability to meet desired goals. Mekong Institute regards facilitation as a core competence in everyday works, and has launched a training workshop today (14 Jun 2010) to develop the facilitation skills of its 6 Young GMS (YGMS) professionals and other new recruits.

Participants will learn the art of knowledge integration, and acquire practical skills in designing, planning and facilitating meetings, workshops and seminars. At the end of the 5-day workshop, they will be able to facilitate an enabling environment for participatory decision making, and moderate big group events involving multiple stakeholders.

The YGMS program aims to develop human resource capacity of private organizations and public institutions involved in GMS development and cooperation. Selected young professionals are provided structured learning opportunity and hands-on experience over a six-month period. They will be working as associate facilitators to designated Program Managers for three months upon the completion of training.

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