ToT on Freight Logistics Management and Workshop on "Clean Truck Fleet - Freight and Logistics Energy Efficiency"

January 18, 2012

The ADB-GMS Environment Operations Centre (EOC) and the Mekong Institute carried out a survey of freight companies in August 2011 and held a workshop for logistic companies and related stakeholders in October 2011 to develop recommendations for fuel and logistics efficiency in the freight transport sector. Building on these recommendations, a two-day training course was organized on "Clean Truck Fleet  - Freight and Logistics Energy Efficiency" for Logistics companies operating along the EWEC in Thailand, Lao PDR and Vietnam.


The course was centered on the Clean Fleet Management Toolkit which had been prepared jointly by the United Nations Environment Programme and TNT, a global courier service provider. Delivered in conjunction with the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities, the two day training course was meant for transport / fleet managers and helped participating companies to understand issues related to the fuel consumption of their truck fleet and to identify technology and management options to increase fuel and logistics efficiency.A total of 26 Logistic companies from Vietnam, Laos and Thailand attended the training from  16-17th January 2012.

Prior to this training, a Training of Trainers (ToT) on Freight Logistics Management was held on 13th January 2012 . The ToT was attended by 5 staff from Trade and Investment Division of MI.


Category: Trade and Investment Facilitation

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