The Visit of U.S. Charge d'Affaires (Acting Ambassador), H.E. Mr. Patrick Murphy to MI – November 24, 2014

November 28, 2014

The U.S. Charge d'Affaires (Acting Ambassador), H.E. Mr. Patrick Murphy visited Mekong Institute along with other delegates from the US Embassy and USAID, namely: Michael Yates, USAID/RDMA Mission Director; Christopher Frey, Trip Control Officer; David Whitten, Public Affairs Officer; Erin Doss, USAID Thailand Team Lead of the Governance and Vulnerable Population Office; Chalisa Chokvanitpong, Public Affairs Specialist; and Bussabonglahwan Pattaro, Security Specialist.

Mr. Madhurjyan Kumar Dutta and H.E. Mr. Patrick Murphy

Led by Mr. Madhurjya Kumar Dutta, MI staff warmly welcomed all the delegates. The meeting began with a comprehensive presentation by Ms. Pornwilai Pumira about the background of MI. Delegates from both sides participated in a discussion on current and potential Greater Mekong Sub-region and ASEAN collaboration, specifically highlighting the Mekong River and the upcoming ASEAN. Currently, MI has undertaken the Food Security Donor Mapping Project sponsored by USAID. Mr. Michael Yates expressed his gratitude to MI for providing and updating the website of the project regularly.

The delegates also each shared their experiences on challenges on handling trainings and programs such as how to measure the results. Mr. Murphy expressed that he is eager to learn more about MI as they are enthusiastic about initiatives that cross borders. He hopes to engage in more collaborations in the future.

MI staff with H.E. Mr. Patrick Murphy (3L) and Michael Yates, USAID/RDMA Mission Director (4L)

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