Upgrading Power Technology and Human Resource Development in the GMS through Joint Efforts

August 4, 2015

(Yunnan, China) - Mekong Institute (MI) and Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd. (YNPG) jointly conducted two key activities in Yunnan Province, China to promote power grid connectivity as well as people to people exchange among the GMS countries.

On July 20-28, 2015, two working teams composed of YNPG experts and MI staff conducted the Training & Exchanging Needs Assessment (TENA) to electric power utilities and authorities in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. The activities successfully produced the TENA report, which will be an invaluable input for future trainings. "Professional Training for Resource Persons" was delivered on July 6-31, 2015 to improve resource persons' capacity to ensure high quality and skills of the training delivery, workshop and research participation. Twenty-two participants attended the training.

These activities are part of the project on 'Capacity Building on GMS Energy Policy Formulation and Power Grid Planning'. The project includes five components: 1) Training & Exchanging Needs Assessment to GMS Power Authorities; 2) Professional Training for Resource Persons; 3) Professional Training on Planning and Construction for GMS Power Grid and Power Interconnection; 4) Workshop on GMS Energy Policy Research and Power Professional Training & Research Program; and 5) Project Synthesis and Evaluation Meeting.

Category: Innovation and Technological Connectivity

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