Kick off Preliminary Meeting for the 3rd International Seminar and Business Matching

August 17, 2015

Khon Kaen, Thailand (August 14, 2015) – A preliminary meeting for the 3rd International Seminar and Business Matching was organized by the Mekong Institute in collaboration with the Khon Kaen Provincial Government.

The meeting was attended by Silk Companies and Government Stakeholders representing Khon Kaen Commercial Affairs, Community Development Department, Department of Industrial Promotion, The Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture, and Khon Kaen Chambers of Commerce to review and finalize matters for the event.

The theme of the seminar is "Enhancing Silk Sector's Competitiveness in Technology and Market through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)." It will be held on September 9 -10, 2015 in Pullman Hotel, Khon Kaen. It will gather CSR experts, silk technologist, and market experts from Asia to discuss issues on silk market development, innovation and technology development. It will also introduce CSR best practices and provide a platform for the silk business owners/groups to showcase their exquisite silk products for potential business matching and identify opportunities to engage with private companies for their CSR outreach programs. The event will also discuss the formation of Asia Silk Alliance.

To participate in the event, registration can be made online at or call Mekong Institute at (+66) 43 202-411-2.

Category: Trade and Investment Facilitation

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