Dissemination Workshop on Improving the Postharvest Handling of Fresh Grape in Myanmar

January 20, 2016

(Yamethin, Myanmar) - Mekong Institute (MI) hosted a Dissemination Workshop focusing on "Improving the Postharvest Handling of Fresh Grape in Myanmar" on January 13, 2016. Twenty-three grape growers working in grape cultivated areas of Yamethin Township attended.

The workshop provided a platform for grape farmers and key stakeholders to address the challenges and constraints of grape production in Myanmar. These include the use of fungicides, insecticides and other potential chemicals without considering their residual effect; limited knowledge about diseases, pest control measures and quality control technologies; and inadequacy policy support for the grape industry.

More importantly, the workshop provided a rare opportunity for the growers to learn best practices for postharvest handling, including safety issues. The workshop also served to remind the grape community about the importance of rethinking current practices as a means to develop high-yielding, quality grape varieties with a sustainable manner. Workshop presentations included posters and brochures developed by Myanmar Postharvest Team which instructed grape growers and farmers in various methodologies currently used during different steps in postharvest handling. Cooperation and partnership between governments, the private sectors and key stakeholders were also highlighted in the workshop.

Supported from the New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAP), the workshop was organized by MI in partnership with Prime Agri Technologies Company, AVSI Foundation Myanmar, local NGOs, Green House Organization and Yezin Agricultural University.

Category: Agricultural Development and Commercialization

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