MI joins the 3rd International Conference on South-South and Triangular Development Cooperation

August 25, 2017

Mr. Madhurjya Kumar Dutta, Director of the Trade & Investment Facilitation Department of Mekong Institute (MI), shared a panel discussion on "Banking, Finance, Investment and Legal aspects" to highlight regional cooperation initiatives through digital connectivity for investment promotion at the 3rd International Conference on "South-South and Triangular Development Cooperation". The event was held at New Delhi on August 24-25, 2017 organized by Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and United Nations. The event was attended by leading think tanks from 41 countries to address the status of South-South Cooperation (SSC) in global governance of development cooperation and potential of newly emerging models of development cooperation in expanding the SSC spirit of sharing in global governance of development cooperation. 

Category: Trade and Investment Facilitation

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