MI Opens Search for Mekong Institute Young Scholars (MIYS)

January 15, 2018

Mekong Institute (MI), with support from the Government of the People’s Republic of China, is launching the Mekong Institute Young Scholars (MIYS) Program.

Leveraging on MI’s role as a capacity building organization, the MIYS Program is designed to develop the human resource capacity of public institutions under the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) initiative. Targeting government officials, staff and members of the academe, the MIYS Program will be providing selected candidates a structured learning opportunity at the MI Headquarters in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Participants will undertake in-classroom training and hands-on experience working as program officer at MI over a course of six months, providing them the exposure to the work of a development agency like MI.

The MIYS Program is open only to nationals of Cambodia, P.R. China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Application is channeled through MI’s Coordinating Agencies (CAs). Please contact them or email to [email protected] for more information.



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