Support to Promotion of Regional Power Connectivity Remains High as MI Holds Training on New Technologies in Power Grid Development

October 24, 2018

The two-week professional training program on ‘New Technologies Application for Power Grid Development’ officially opened last October 22, 2018 at the Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd. (YNPG) Yixing Training Base in Kunming, P.R. China. The training is part of MI’s collaboration project with YNPG and the China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. (CSG) and supported by the Government of P.R. China, to enhance power connectivity in the sub-region.

Some 30 technicians and middle management staff working in science & technology research and development, as well as officers from national energy authorities and power utilities, are joining the training. In attendance at the training’s opening ceremony were Mr. Si Shuming, Vice President of YNPG; Mr. Wu Weidong, Deputy Chief of the Yunnan Provincial International and Regional Cooperation Office, Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province; and Ms. Tina Wang, Program Coordinator at MI.

The training program, which will run until November 2, will offer in-classroom discussion sessions on new technology applications in power grid development, while providing the participants a platform for exploring power collaborations and engaging in people-to-people exchange with other GMS countries. Structured learning visits have also been arranged to showcase Chinese good practices and experiences in the area of power grid technologies development and applications. Among the sites to be visited are the Yunnan Power Grid Technology Park, Distributed Solar PV System (863 Program), Yuxi City Chushuikou Sample Electric Vehicle Charging Station, and the Smart Micro-grid Laboratory and Training, Education and Evaluation Center. 

Category: Innovation and Technological Connectivity

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