Fifth MKCF Call





Sector/Priority Area


Department of Training, Techo Sen Institute of Public Works and Transport, Minstry of Public Works and Transport

Capacity Building for Road Maintenance Methodology to Promote Sustainable
Infrastructure in CLV Countries

To build the capacity of the technical workers, relevant officials, and construction workers through road maintenance training program and to promote resilient and sustainable infrastructure in CLV countries



Department of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Livelihood Development for Sustainable Forest Governance in Northern Laos

To support the implementation of related frameworks and activities on adaptation and mitigation of climate change, which involve the sustainable livelihood development in the highly vulnerable deforestation and forest degradation areas



Mawlamyine University (Mon State)

lmpact of Migration on Rural Development with Special Emphasis on Agriculture of Mon State, Myanmar

To reduce the impacts of migration and to upgrade the agriculture sector in rural areas

Agriculture and Rural Development


Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mekong Leadership Program and Capacity Building Activities (Mekong LEAD and Mekong BUILD)

To promote a network of high-level officials, provincial/local leaders, development partners, academia, and entrepreneurs in the Mekong region through high-level policy dialogues and high-quality region-wide collaborative studies and researches

Human Resource Development


Center for Civil Society and Nonprofit Management (CSNM), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, KKU

Enhancing Community and Small-scale Water Resource Management in the Mekong Region (ECSWRM)

To leverage small-scale water resource management (SWRM) through the co-production of knowledge, capacity development of relevant stakeholders, and policy advocacy



Seoul National University

Promotion of Innovative Rainwater For Drinking (RFD) System as a Sustainable Water Supply in Rural Health Care Facilities (HCFs) and/or Schools

To design, build, and operate a sustainable model of Community Based RFD system  in Mekong countries



Mekong Institute

Sustainable and Smart Agricultural Supply Chain Development in Mekong Countries

To improve production effectiveness and efficiency, reduce post-harvest losses, and increase energy efficiency in agricultural supply chains in the Mekong countries

Agriculture and Rural Development