Fifth MKCF Call

Eligible parties from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Thailand (CLMVT) are invited to submit a project concept paper for development projects under the Mekong-Republic of Korea Cooperation Fund (MKCF) in any of the following priority sectors (a) Culture and Tourism, (b) Human Resources Development, (c) Agriculture and Rural Development, (d) Infrastructure, (e) Information and Communication Technology, (f) Environment, and (g) Non-Traditional Security Challenges.

For more information on the requirements, deadlines, and contact details of MOFA focal representatives in the respective countries, please refer to the following:

1. Announcement for the 5th MKCF Open Call

2. Guidelines for submission of the project concept paper

3. Format of the project concept paper


1. The proponent is required to submit a project concept paper according to the guidelines indicated.

2. The project concept paper should contain all the required components.

3. The project concept paper must be submitted to the designated MOFA focal contact person of the respective countries by July 2, 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Following the launch of the Mekong-ROK Partnership in 2011, MKCF was established in 2013 to support the implementation of cooperation activities initiated by the Mekong countries and ROK under the Mekong-ROK Cooperation Framework.

MKCF encourages cooperation across the seven priority sectors outlined in the “Mekong-Han River Declaration for Establishing Partnership for People, Prosperity and Peace” at the 1st Mekong-ROK Summit in 2019.

The Fund provides grant for projects that are regional in nature. The themes of the proposed projects must both address national development objectives and promote regional integration. Selected projects can be implemented in a single country; however, impacts must be shared among countries in the Mekong region and ROK.

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