Sixth MKCF Call





Sector/Priority Area



Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM)

Capacity Building for Sustainable and Climate Change Resilient Water Resource Management in Mekong River Basin

To develop capacities on flood forecasting and warning system,  integrated water resources management,  water-related issues to cope with climate change as well as to strengthen future cooperation in the water resources management between Mekong region including Cambodia and Republic of Korea


2 years 6 months


Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) - Research institute for Energy and Mines (RIEM)

Development and Promoting of Solar Drying Utilization for agricultural and ODOP products

To promote utilization of solar dryer for improve quality of dried product for farmer, agriculture product enterprise

Agriculture and Rural Development

2 years


School of Industrial Training and Education (SITE) and KRIVET

Strengthening TVET Management and Upskilling TVET Personnel to Meet Industry Demand Reflecting IR 4.0

To develop new skills of TVET personnel from Myanmar and Vietnam by providing  intensive upskilling trainings

Human Resources Development

2 years


Southern Institute of Ecology (SIE)

Building a Portal of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Information for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development for the Mekong Delta (Ecobank Mekong)

To support the Mekong Delta’s sustainable socio-economic development and biodiversity conservation planning through providing an open consensus database of
natural ecosystems and associating biodiversity


2 years 6 months


Ministry of Interior of Thailand - Department of Provincial Administration

Enhancing People-to-People Connectivity to Address Non-traditional Security Challenges in the Mekong Region

To supplement the ongoing
efforts and the capacities of the governments of Thailand, Lao PDR and Cambodia, to comprehensively and effectively address cross-border crimes, primarily human trafficking and drug trafficking in its border areas

Non-traditional Security Challenges

2 years


Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCo)

ICT for Adaptation to Climate Change and Forest Fire Management in Mekong Region

To showcase an ICT-based forest fire management (FFM) system in Cambodia and Viet Nam, enhance in-country capability of government and stakeholders in using the ICT-based FFM system and develop rollout plan as well as enhance international cooperation on forest fire and related threats for the Mekong region

Information and Communication Technology

2 years 9 months


International Rice Research Institute, University of the Philippines (IRRI)

Rice Straw-Based Circular Economy for Improved Biodiversity and Sustainability (RiceEco)

To develop a sustainable circular economy (CE), including rice straw-based bio-fertilizer, bio-plastics, and an ICT tool for optimizing rice straw logistics, complemented with adjusted business models and targeted behavioral interventions for farmers and other value chain stakeholders


3 years


Mekong Institute

Capacity Building on Regional Project Design, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation of MKCF Projects

To enhance capacities of the eligible partners under the MKCF program by reinforcing regional cooperation and integration through designing and delivering collaborative projects across the seven priority sectors of the MKCF

Human Resource Development

3 years