Energy Policy Formulation & Power Grid Planning

Integrating the Energy Sector in the GMS

MI and CSG/Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd. (YNPG), with support from the People’s Republic of China, implemented the project ‘Capacity Building on Greater Mekong Sub-region Energy Policy Formulation and Power Grid Planning’ from May 2015 to January 2016. The project included capacity development activities combining MI’s regional platform with CSG’s professional and technological management experience.

Energy resources are unevenly distributed among the GMS member countries and the quality of the sub-region’s power transmission infrastructure varies. Regional energy connectivity is hindered by a lack of trans-boundary power connections. However, GMS countries have agreed on a road-map for expanded co- operation to enable a more interconnected energy sector and the eventual establishment of an integrated regional power market.

To support the movement towards inter-connectivity, in November 2014, MI signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement with China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. (CSG), initiating a six-year partnership program which covers professional training, research, and collaboration to promote energy connectivity in the sub-region.

MI and CSG co-designed and implemented a series of human resource development programs and a research project on how to promote regional benefits such as enhanced connectivity, improved competitiveness, and a greater sense of community. Participants from the six GMS countries learned about the energy sector and established personal connections. The program enhanced communications between GMS power sector participants and laid a foundation for the subsequent expansion of energy cooperation and power grid interconnection at the sub-regional level.