Rural E-Commerce Development in the GMS

Enabling Rural Enterprises to Participate in Broader Markets

The Project seeks to promote e-commerce development as a tool that will enable enterprises, particularly those in the rural areas, to participate in broader markets and trade opportunities. It is geared toward building the capacities of business organizations and institutions engaged in rural community business development on e-commerce, and fostering stronger collaborations among stakeholders to promote rural e-commerce. 

It aims to: 

  1. Enhance the understanding of the potentials of rural e-commerce development; 
  2. Identify key intervention areas for e-commerce development in each country in the Lancang-Mekong region; 
  3. Explore online business prospects through various e-commerce opportunities; and 
  4. Develop a mechanism for promoting rural e-commerce. 

Among the activities to be carried out are: 

  • Baseline study 
  • Two modular training cycles on rural e-commerce development with action plan implementation and a synthesis and evaluation workshop
  • Project evaluation, action research report and policy paper finalization